This Southwest Hack Can Save You Money Before Your Flight

Southwest Boeing 737-800 airplane at Dallas Love Field airport in the United States

Photo: Getty Images

We're never ones to keep TikTok life hacks to ourselves, which is why you NEED to know about this flight hack you can do to save even more money on your next Southwest Airlines flight!

Multiple people on TikTok have shared how you can actually alter the price of your flight after you book it with Southwest and it's mainly because as of right now there are no change or cancellation fees with Southwest as long as you do it before your flight actually leaves.

After booking a flight, you should keep an eye on airfare prices for your route to see if the price drops before your departure date. If the airfare has decreased since your initial booking, you can change your flight to secure the new, lower price on the app or on their website.

Southwest will refund you the price difference or you can even upgrade your flight type if you want more points or Early Bird Check-In and if you're looking for a small time-waster then this might not only benefit you then, but also your wallet with your next vacation!

You can watch the video below to see how to pull it all off!

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