This Company Wants To Host Your Wedding In Space

Woman kissing an astronaut

Photo: Getty Images

Trying to plan a wedding that is different and stands out from all the ones you've been to for your friends and family? This company wants to help you out by hosting your big day IN SPACE!!!

A company called Space Perspective will soon be launching its space wedding service for a "truly out-of-this-world ceremony" inside a carbon-neutral balloon called Neptune that can carry passengers 20 miles above Earth.

As of right now the company already has a waitlist for late 2024 when the service is set to officially launch, but you could be one of the first couples in your friend group with a space wedding!

Obviously, you might be wondering how much this will all cost and it's not for the faint of heart because prices start at $125,000 per seat so this might be a very close ceremony for maybe you and your partner and one bridal party member each!

You can learn more about the space wedding service HERE in the meantime!

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