Old Bay Will Pay For You To Get A Tattoo Of Their Logo

Trying to add a new tattoo, but don't want to pay for it? Old Bay has you covered as long as you get their logo as your tattoo!

For today only you can go to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum from 11am to 8pm to get a FREE Old Bay Tattoo and you even get to choose between three designs, which you can see below.

Old Bay hosted a similar event at the museum in 2019 that had people lining up around the block and it totally makes sense if you're a fan of Old Bay because it's the best seasoning to put on anything.

The even better part is that if you do happen to get an Old Bay tattoo today that you'll be entered to win tickets to Preakness to not only watch horses, but also watch Bruno Mars perform!

You can learn more info HERE, but if you have a free day today and want a new tattoo then why not go to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum!?

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