New Study Reveals 20% Of Couples Breakup Because Of Moving

Sad black spouses exhausted after moving to new apartment, sitting among cardboard boxes and resting

Photo: Getty Images

Planning on moving in the near-future? You might want to sit down with your partner before actually moving anything because a new survey revealed 20% of couples break up because of a move!

According to the survey, 70% of couples get into an arguement while moving and 20% of those couples actually broke up because of the stress of moving whether that be from moving in together or having to move somewhere for the other person's job.

The survey also found that a third of couples admitted that moving to a new home had a negative impact on their sex lives, but here were some of the common reasons couples said they got into an arguement at some point during the moving process:

  1. Disorganization
  2. Someone trying to carry too much
  3. Someone dropping furniture
  4. Someone dropping a moving box
  5. Yelling “PIVOT” like Ross on “Friends”
  6. Saying “home sweet home” when walking through the door of the new place

You can read more from the survey HERE, but just remember to breath and remember those happy moments while the stress happens!

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