AMC Theatres Is Launching Its Own Candy Brand

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Photo: Getty Images

Movie theaters snacks might be getting a little cheaper in the near-future at least at AMC!

The theater chain just revealed that it will be making its own line of candy that they will be offering for less than what you normally pay for the name brand candy like Milk Duds or Twizzlers.

AMC hopes to roll out what they're tentatively calling "AMC Candy" later this year or in early 2024 and the line of candy is mainly a response to a decline in candy sales as most candy manufacturers increased their price to the theater chain.

The chain says it will continue to carry name-brand candy “for the people who want it," but hopefully this means we don't have to spend $50 to enjoy the next Marvel movie with popcorn, a drink, and a box of Junior Mints or whatever AMC will call them!

Fingers crossed they come up with great name alternatives for every candy they already sell!

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