This Is The Worst Sleeping Position According To Experts

All our front-sleepers get ready to be called out because according to one sleep expert on TikTok it's actually the worst way to sleep!

According to James Leinhardt, whose video you can see below, sleeping on your front and twisting your neck to enjoy your pillow is actually horrible for your posture.

Not only are you compressing your vertebrae, but you're also twisting your neck which can cause neck and back pain when you wake up.

This is why he labeled sleeping on your front the "car crash" sleeping position because you're going to be hurting from it.

A TON of people tried to defend the sleep position in the comments, which led to a follow-up video on a better way to sleep, but we can't help what our bodies do whenever we come home late at night from drinking!

You can see his videos below, but do you agree with him? It's at least worth trying his "alternative sleep position" out for one night!

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