This Texas High School Went Viral For Its Raccoon Instagram Fan Account

We'll always remember the random squirrels and other wildlife that popped up near our dorms back in college, but this high school in Texas is making their local wildlife celebrities by making fan accounts for their raccoons!

McCallum High School in Austin, Texas has recently had several raccoon sightings throughout the past few months and several students apparently saw them so frequently that they made their own Instagram fan page.

As of right now it looks like school administrators may have reached out to the students running the account to stop posting, but we kind of secretly hope they're just filming extra content.

The school district the school is part of has also said they are working to rid the school of its unwelcome visitors, but we kind of want the racoons to stay if we can get content on Instagram like this on a weekly basis!

We also included posts from the student(s) who are posting to the raccoon account below!


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