Having A Peppermint Air Freshener In Your Car Can Reduce Road Rage

Car air parfume on the frontal mirror of the car with blurred green background outside the window.

Photo: Getty Images

We can all agree that we might get a little TOO aggressive during rush hour in the DMV, but a new study claims using peppermint oil in your car can actually reduce our "road rage!"

According to a study from Northumbria University, the scent of peppermint oil was found to reduce negative feelings such as stress and aggression in drivers. In the study, researchers found that drivers who were exposed to peppermint oil while driving were less aggressive than those without.

Researchers also found that those exposed to the scent were more alert and calmer so it can actually improve your driving while you're near the scent.

Apparently, the aroma has compounds that have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects on the brain, which may be the 'root' of its effect on road rage. So, it might be time to switch out your old air freshener and look for one that's peppermint-scented instead!

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