'Stashing' Is One Of The Worst Dating Trends In 2023

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Finding love in 2023 is no easy task with ghosting, breadcrumbing, and zombieing being a thing, but they pale in comparison to one dating trend that will keep you guessing if you're actually dating or not called "stashing!"

‘Stashing’ happens when someone you’re dating chooses to conceal you from the rest of their life, whether it’s neglecting to introduce you to close friends and family members or leaving you off their social media and it happens all the time.

The term has been popping up online since at least 2017 and may happen just because your partner isn't ready to show you off to the world or they may intentionally be hiding you because of other reasons (like another partner).

According to marriage and couple therapist Irina Firstein, there are a number of reasons why someone might be stashing you, including that they’re embarrassed by or have issues with their family, they don’t see a serious relationship with you, or they’re carrying on with another relationship simultaneously.

You can read more about the dating trend HERE, but lets just agree to not do this as often in 2023 for everyone's sake!

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