This TikToker Is Blowing Everyone's Mind With Her Birthday Revelation

Get ready to feel even older than you already are because a TikToker has gone viral for revealing what your birthday actually means!

TikToker @keeleysmithhx went viral earlier this week after she made the revelation that your birthday isn't really for you to celebrate turning a certain age, but is actually a celebration of you completing that year of your life!

For example, if you turn 30 this year you are not celebrating finally being in your 30s, but are actually celebrating the fact that you completed your 30th year on the planet! The TikToker goes on to explain that we all kind of forget this after we're a toddler and apparently over THREE MILLION people agree with her.

You can see her TikTok explaining things more below, but we're just going to stick with how we normally see our birthdays because at least that way we feel younger than we actually are!

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