Having A 'Stark And Bare' Bedroom Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Beautiful Woman Making her Bed in the Morning

Photo: Getty Images

We're always down to improve our sleep in whatever form that may be and it turns out you might want to redecorate your bedroom if you're having trouble falling asleep or issues with getting quality sleep!

According to a group of sleep experts, having a "stark and bare" bedroom can significantly improve your sleep quality and help you sleep better at night.

Apparently removing all the distractions like your TV, iPad, and anything else in your room that isn't really needed can not only make you feel better because your room is cleaner, but let you focus mainly on sleep when you're in bed.

Another tip they shared for better sleep is to not spend a lot of your waking time in your bedroom and only use it for sleep. So that might mean getting rid of the work-from-home desk in your bedroom and moving it into your living room.

If anything, we're down to try this because it gives us an excuse to clean our bedroom up!

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