This Pizzeria Will Trade You A Year Of Free Pizza For Taylor Swift Tickets

We all know about how hard it was to score even the cheap seats to see Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour, but this pizzeria is going viral for it Swiftie-inspired deal: a year of unlimited pizza in exchange for your Taylor Swift tickets.

Zee's Pizzeria in New Orleans is currently offering free pizza for a year in exchange for two tickets to see Taylor Swift and what originally started as a way for the owner to take his wife to the tour actually has us debating if unlimited pizza for a year is the same price as Taylor Swift tickets.

Apparently the promotion is valid for the duration of The Eras Tour so you don't have to live near New Orleans to actually cash in on the deal!

You can see their sign promoting the deal below, but would you give up your tickets to see Taylor for as much pizza as you wanted in a calendar year?!

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