People Are Paying Over $75,000 For Leg-Lengthening Surgery In 2023

Sounds like "Short King Spring" is officially over because there has been a large increase in demand for leg-lengthening surgery in 2023!

According to a report, the demand for men to get the surgery has become more popular since last year and it's no easy operation because it will set you back at least $75,000 to do so.

The operation can last up to four hours and is not generally covered by insurance so people are paying out of their own pockets to appear three inches taller. The surgery apparently involves cutting the thigh bones in each leg and inserting rods inside them.

Then over the next three to four months, the rods are lengthened by up to 1 millimeter (0.04 inches) per day, via an external remote control to help your bones grow.

Physical therapy is also required and then you also need to have the rods removed so you're really looking at a $100,000 bill at the end of the process.

You can see a video of someone who got the surgery explaining how it worked below, but just know that we think you're tall enough already!

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