This Distillery Is Selling A Drinkable Gin Fragrance

From our experiences you either really love gin or despise it, but get ready to wear your gin of choice instead of drinking it thanks to this distillery's new gin fragrance!

Tamworth Distilling just revealed the world's first wearable AND drinkable gin perfume called Sylvan Mist that can not only be sprayed on your wrist before date night, but can also be spritzed into your drink for an extra kick.

The fragrance has a "woodsy scent" thanks to its combination of violet leaf, chamomile flowers, juniper, balsam fir, citrus, and boronia flowers, and actually smells like a combination fresh-cut grass, kiwi, and honeydew.

The limited-edition scent/cocktail garnish is available for $80 a bottle starting May 9th HERE, but definitely give your partner or date a heads up that its drinkable before spraying it into your drink because you'll definitely get looks!

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