The 'Beer Snake' At Last Week's Defenders Game Cost $17,000 To Make

You got to love Defenders fans because they've truly saved DC sports this season with the "beer snake" and it turns out the XFL did the math on how much it actually costs to make a beer snake at every Defenders game.

In case you don't know, the "beer snake" is essentially the Defenders unofficial mascot and is created by hands stacking hundreds of empty beer cups to form a "snake" in the stands.

Last week at the Defenders-Renegades game the broadcast team actually announced that with the sold-out crowd of 18,684 fans that a 60-foot beer snake was created and that at $12 a cup that equated to about 1,440 beers that cost $17,280 to make.

The beer snake stretched over 30 rows during last week's game, which if stacked vertically would be taller than a five-story building.

The Defenders did win and are getting a home-field advantage for the North Division Championship on April 30th and we can't wait to see how big that beer snake gets

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