These Are The Cheapest Grocery Chains In America

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Who would have thought that eggs were the "smoking gun" this year to tell us that groceries were going to get even more expensive, but thanks to a new report we now know the cheapest grocery stores to shop at and still get value for your dollar.

Thanks to our friends at Mashed, there are the top grocery store chains you can shop at this weekend and not have to spend a fortune just for a week's worth of groceries:

  • Aldi – Their products are 25% lower in price than competitors and Aldi now has 2,300 locations across the country. You will need to bag your own groceries and pay a quarter to rent a grocery cart, but that’s a small price to pay for the savings that you can reap.
  • Market Basket – This regional chain is based in the Northeast and its slogan is “More for your dollar.” They have lower overhead than some stores because they have no debt and a small number of corporate employees.
  • Trader Joe’s – TJ’s doesn’t spend money on marketing or advertising and 80% of their products are their own brand so it saves you money in the long run.
  • H-E-B – A Texas-based chain with some locations in Mexico that offers great prices and deals and carries many of its own brands which saves customers money. Their “Combo Loco” deals get you a free item with the purchase of another and weekly ads also provide big savings.
  • Costco – Even though you have to pay a membership fee to join Costco, their $5 rotisseries chicken is a bargain for what you get among its bulk items.
  • Sam’s Club – Also members-only with a lower fee to join. They don’t offer as many health-conscious and organic products as Costco but they have great prices and sometimes offer discounts on the membership fee.
  • WinCo – In a 2018 report from ABC 15, their prices are cheaper than any of the competitors. They also have weekly savings ads, coupons, and their own private label items and you still get your groceries bagged and allowed the use of a free shopping cart.

Obviously your mileage may vary, but you might want to start shopping at the above stores instead of your go-to grocery store down the road!

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