New Study Claims The Price Of Finding Love Is $2,041.30

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Dating can be a daunting task, especially with a busy work life, but it turns out you might have to spend a good chunk of change before you find the one according to this new study!

According to new research, the average single person will spend an average of $2,041.30 during fifteen dates before they settle down and find the one.

If you do the math, this averages out to about $74.20 on each date and that's before you get a new outfit or a haircut to look fresh, which may or may not lower the amount of dates you need to go on before finding "the one."

Now this doesn't mean you need to spend over $70 on every date, but just get ready to spend a month's worth of rent to invest in your relationship with someone new or someone you just started dating.

You can read more from the study HERE!

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