Grocery Shopping With Your Partner Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Enjoying shopping together.

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Who is normally in charge of shopping for groceries in your relationship? If you're doing it alone, then you might want to bring your partner with you next time because it could improve your relationship!

According to a group of matchmakers, shopping for groceries on a weekly basis (or whenever your normally go grocery shopping) can not only strengthen your relationship, but also help you get to know each other better.

Here are some of the ways they say your relationship can improve from grocery-shopping:

  1. It can feel like a date - You can treat it as a chance to spend quality time with your partner instead of as an errand.
  2. You talk about the budget - It’ll get you talking about spending expectations and priorities, plus compromising and getting on the same page, financially.
  3. You see if you work well together - Making a shopping list and planning meals for the week requires teamwork.
  4. You plan your week in advance - Talking about dinner for the week will prompt convos about the schedule and priorities for the week in general.
  5. You learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes - What someone puts on their grocery list will tell you a lot about them, including any family traditions or childhood memories.
  6. You respect individual preferences - You’re working together to make shopping and meal choices that are tailored to both your needs, not just one.

Also we can all agree that what your partner tries to sneak into the grocery cart every week can also reveal a lot about them as well! You can read more from the study HERE!

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