Orange Is The Wedding Color Of 2023 According To Pinterest

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If you're in any weddings this year then get ready to rock a TON of orange with your bridesmaid dress or somewhere in your suit because orange is the "hottest wedding color of 2023!"

According to Pinterest's latest business report, "rust married" is their trending hashtag of the year so far and it's essentially a "burnt orange" color scheme for your wedding from the bridesmaid dresses to the table decorations.

Warm, soft shades of orange had an increase of over 695% in searches on Pinterest and it's only the first four months of the year. The report also shows both “copper saree” and “orange dress outfit wedding” were up by 285%. Décor such as orange wedding centerpieces has been trending too.

Another popular choice for 2023 wedding color schemes is to design a collection of colors that go well together, almost like a personal rainbow for your special day with colors you and your partner both want that blend well together.

You can read more from the report HERE, but just make sure you get the right shade of orange so that no one is looking like a pumpkin on your big day!


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