Red Flags That Tell You A Movie Is Going To Be Bad

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We can all agree that not every movie is going to be a cinematic masterpiece like Everything Everywhere All At Once or a blockbuster hit like Avengers: Endgame, but there are some movies that are so bad that we unfortunately realize way too late into watching the movie.

That’s why the fine folks at Reddit came up with the red flags that signal a movie is probably going to be bad and over 15,000 people responded to the prompt.

Here are some of our favorite red flags to look out for:

  • "If there are multiple trailers for a comedy movie, but they use the same joke in all of them."
  • "It's advertised as one of the best movies of the year and it's late January."
  • "An exposition in which one character explains everything that's going on to another character that should already know what is going on."
  • "The selling points are focused on celebrity names and visual effects."
  • "When the trailer already tells you the entire movie."
  • "Characters think they are funny because they speak loudly."
  • "When I want to get up to get some snacks five minutes into the movie but I don't pause it because I feel like 'I'm probably not missing out on much.'"
  • "For animated movies, if the trailer really pushes the celebrity voice-cast, shows mainly the gags and action scenes, and has generic, modern pop songs, it's going to be bad."

You can read more of the red flags HERE, but just now that not every movie is going to be your go-to movie of the year and sometimes that's okay!

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