People Are Reselling Empty Bottles Of Prime For $35 On Facebook

Did you end up buying a TON of Prime energy drinks and aren't sure what to do with all the used bottles? Turns out you can sell them online and make a small fortune!

We've seen tons of stores in the UK and Australia sell out immediately of their Prime stock and now people are reselling empty bottles online starting at $15 a bottle and it's just the empty bottle.

Some buyers are even paying shipping fees of over $30 to have the empty bottles delivered to their doors and its mainly because the drink brand was created by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI who collectively have over 60 million YouTuber subscribers or in other words a HUGE fan base wanting the drink.

You can see some listings of the empty bottles below, but if you happen to have someone in your family or friend group who drinks Prime all the time then it's time to tell them they need to set up a Facebook Marketplace or eBay account and sell their empties online!

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