Jack Black Made A "Peaches" Music Video For 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie'

We might have an early Academy Award-nominee on our hands because Universal just confirmed the "Peaches" song from The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be eligible to be submitted for "Best Original Song" at next year's Oscars!

The song was sung by Jack Black in the movie as Bowser who was professing his love for Princess Peach in the movie and if you're like us then it dominated your social media feeds this weekend with the movie releasing in theaters.

In the movie, Bowser is sitting at his piano belting out the ballad and both Nintendo and Universal have released the music video online with Jack Black dressed up as Bowser performing the song.

The video got so popular, with over SIX MILLION views in its first week that Universal also released a music video from the movie of Bowser singing the song which you can see below.

I think we know who we want as our frontrunner for an Oscar next year!

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