Google Flights' New Feature Will Pay You Back If Your Ticket Gets Cheaper

Finding a flight for a good price just got easier thanks to Google Flights' new feature that will refund you the difference of your ticket if it gets cheaper after you book your flight!

Google is testing a "price-guarantee program" that will pay you money (through Google Pay) if the price of your flight goes down after you book it through Google Flights.

The feature is currently available as a “pilot program” in the US for specific flights, but it could be a compelling reason to use Google’s tool to book your next flight instead of directly through the airline or through a different travel website.

If you book a flight through Google that has a "shield icon" on the flight, the company says it’ll “monitor the price every day until departure.” If it drops, you’ll get the difference back.

Currently, its price guarantees are only for flights that depart from the US and you can only get them if you have a US billing address and phone number. You can read more about the feature HERE, but it's definitely worth trying out for any of your future travel plans for later this year!

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