People Are Painting 'Easter Potatoes' Instead Of Eggs This Year

Friendly reminder that Easter is this Sunday so hopefully you have your Easter candy and eggs ready to go, but if you don't and are trying to save money this year then use a potato instead!

According to the latest Consumer Price Index, potato producers are trying to advertise potatoes as an alternative to eggs for all your Easter-decorating habits like painting eggs or hiding Easter eggs around your house.

Apparently the national marketing board representing potato growers called Potatoes USA is even offering tips on how to paint potatoes and make #easterpotatoes go viral on social media this year too.

You can see examples of how to properly paint an egg below, but with the increase in cost for eggs it's an easy solution that has the same effect! Plus this way your house won't smell like boiled eggs because you'll be painting potatoes instead and who doesn't love getting a potato in their Easter basket on Sunday!?

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