The Gym Is The New Go-To First Date Spot In 2023

Push-ups i gym.

Photo: Getty Images

Turns out you don't need to save a TON of money to use for a first date because thanks to a new survey it looks like the gym is the new spot Gen Z and millennials are taking their dates!

A new survey from Bumble found that 46% of Gen Z and millennials would rather meet someone at an exercise class rather than a night out and it turns out that one in every five singles would go the gym with their date for their first date.

The research also shows that Gen Z and millennials would rather do an exercise-related date than one involving alcohol, with 29% saying they’d rather go to a fitness class on a first date than to a bar.

It sounds weird at first, but it kind of makes sense that those who are fitness-focused would want to find someone who feels the same way immediately from the start of their potential relationship.

It also doesn't hurt that getting those endorphins pumping together can also lead to more at the end of the night, but just make sure to shower first after the gym!

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