'Popcorn Salad' Is TikTok's Latest Snack Obsession

Get ready to step up your popcorn-game because TikTok's latest snack obsession is called "Popcorn Salad" and it's not what you are immediately picturing!

Creators on the app are making a "salad" version of everyone's favorite movie snack by adding their favorite candies, chocolates, and other crunchy foods to make "popcorn salad" and it actually looks and sounds amazing!

The tag #popcornsalad on TikTok has over 5.9 million views as of March 28th and all you need to make "popcorn salad" is popcorn, some sweet treats, and a pair of salad tongs to toss them all together.

There are a TON of different popcorn salad variations on TikTok, so whether you like your bites to be sweet, savory, or a mix of both, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Just get ready for AMC and Regal to try selling "popcorn salad" at their theater locations in the near-future too!

You can see some of our favorite "popcorn salad" recipes below!

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