You Can Expect To Spend Over $600 To Attend A Wedding In 2023

Wedding guests clinking glasses

Photo: Getty Images

We can ALL agree that planning your wedding isn't a cheap task, but it turns out that going to a wedding also isn't cheap anymore in 2023!

Thanks to a new survey from Bankrate, it's expected the a wedding guest will spend an average of $611 to attend just one wedding in 2023 and our immediate reaction is to decline the wedding invite and send a nice gift!

Inflation and higher interest rates seem to be the main cause of the price increase, but here is some of the breakdown of that $600 expense:

  • An average of $287 per event on travel and accommodations
  • $180 on gifts
  • $144 on attire and grooming.

The survey also says that Gen-Z plan to spend the most overall on attending weddings at $1,211, followed by millennials at $1,191. We think we'll just be a little more selective on the weddings we go to this year and recycle some outfits!

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