This Google Flights Hack Can Save You A TON Of Money On Your Next Flight

You can never go wrong when trying to maximize how much you save on a flight and this new TikTok hack might save you even more money if you like to stalk prices on Google Flights!

TikTok user @sam_jarman went viral earlier this week for sharing how you can use Google Flights to secretly save you money by not specifically looking for a flight from your home airport.

Essentially, if you don't put any days of when you actually want to travel in Google Flights you can then see when is the cheapest to fly to specific cities and then book your trip accordingly.

In his video, which you can see below, he tries booking a trip from Los Angeles to New York City which was originally priced at $217, but after he did the hack he found the same flight for $177.

Now your mileage may vary with this because Google Flights also includes Basic Economy prices in its search settings, but if you're trying to book summer travel plans then this hack can help you figure out the best time to go to your intended destination!

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