Gym Bros Are Eating Dog Food On TikTok For Protein

Apparently dog food is really high in protein which we now know about thanks to a bunch of "gym bros" on TikTok!

Multiple gym rats have gone viral on the app for actually buying dog food, not for their dogs, but for themselves because it is apparently high in protein.

You can see some of the videos that have gone viral in the past week of people actually trying the food and, as expected, it doesn't go so well for the people trying the dog food.

According to, dog food apparently has 666 grams of protein in one bag according to MyFitnessPal, which is also weird that the nutrition app has dog food listed as a food.

This is one TikTok trend we're glad other people are attempting because we'll just stick with our protein pancakes and pieces of chicken to get our daily amounts of protein and gains!

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