Amtrak Is Introducing $5 Fares For Select Routes

Amtrak Southwest Chief at Lamy New Mexico

Photo: Getty Images

Do you mind traveling at night? If not, then you might be able to get a HUGE discount on your next ride with Amtrak thanks to their new "Night Owl Fares!"

Amtrak has introduced discounted late-night fares for travelers who don't mind traveling in off-peak times and they start as low as $5 on select Amtrak Northeast Corridor routes which includes routes from DC.

The fares start on trips that leave their destination from 7pm to 5am and you can take the routes to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and DC. These types of fares would come in clutch if you are planning a day trip to New York City, want to go to WrestleMania in Philadelphia next year, or if you somehow got tickets to see Taylor Swift in Philadelphia.

The low fares are available for coach seats, but you can even head to the quiet car in case you're looking to catch up on your sleep! You can read more about the new fares HERE!

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