How To Find Your Soulmate With TikTok's Moon Phase Trend

Do you and your partner's moon phases align? Not sure what we mean? Don't worry because we have you covered with TikTok's latest relationship trend!

The new trend on TikTok essentially determines how compatible you and your partner are based on the phases of the moon and their birthdays and it has led to interesting results the past few days on the app.

Here’s how you can take the compatibility test yourself so that you can post the results on TikTok and hopefully go viral:

  1. To figure out what moon phase you were born under, check out this moon phases website and enter your birthdate.
  2. Save or screenshot the image of the moon phase on the day you were born.
  3. Do the same for your partner’s birthday and make sure both images are the same size.
  4. Find a video on TikTok using this trend
  5. Click “CapCut try this template” in TikTok
  6. Click “use template” in CapCut
  7. Select the images of the moon
  8. Input birthdays
  9. Add music

If your moon phases don’t create a full moon, don’t worry because a TON of couples haven't matched their moon phases on TikTok and as far as we know they're still okay!

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