The New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Is Reselling Online For $100

It's Girl Scout cookie season everyone, which you probably already know from the one parent in your office asking for your cookie orders or your most recent trip to the grocery store, but this year you might have a difficult time getting one flavor: Raspberry Rally!

The cookie flavor is actually the newest cookie introduced to the normal Girl Scout cookie lineup and it was also the first cookie to be sold exclusively online. This is also why people are not only having a hard time buying the cookie, but why the cookie boxes are upselling for over $100.

Raspberry Rally is looks exactly like a Thin Mint, but has raspberry flavor instead and people are actually paying the steep price tag for the cookies on resell websites like eBay instead of the $5 they would normally pay.

Who would have thought that people would be reselling Girl Scout cookies to try and make a profit? 2023 is wild y'all!

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