BORGs Are The New College Drinking Trend

Move over jungle juice because you're being replaced as the new college drinking trend by empty water gallons called BORGs!

The new drinking trends called "BORGs" are essentially mixed drinks created in an empty water gallon before or during a party and while they aren't filled completely with alcohol, they usually last you a while.

BORGs are most often made with a mix of water, vodka, and a flavor enhancer like Mio, Crystal Lite, or Kool-Aid. You can also add an extra chaser like seltzer or fruit juice or you can add some Liquid I.V. to keep the hangover at bay.

To make your own BORG all you have to do is the following:

  1. Grab a gallon of water, then pour out or drink half the water.
  2. Pour a fifth of a gallon (or 17 shots worth) of vodka into the gallon.
  3. Add a flavor enhancer of your choice.
  4. Add Liquid I.V. (optional).
  5. Close the cap, and shake it around until it’s mixed.

Naming your BORG is a huge part of it too because it gives your drink a hint of personality while also making it easy to keep track of. You can name your BORG pretty much anything you want, but it has to be a play on the word “BORG,” like “internal borgans” or “cyborg.”

You can see some examples of BORGS below!

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