Dictionary.com Added 300 New Words Including 'Petfluencer' & 'Nearlywed'

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We always love seeing what new words and phrases get added to the Dictionary every year and 2023 looks like it isn't going to disappoint because Dictionary.com just added over 300 new words including "Nearlywed" and "Petfluencer!"

The online reference site added 313 new words, 130 new definitions for existing entries and revised 1,140 definitions, but a lot of these new words happened because of the past year of social media.

Here are some of our favorite new words and their definitions:

  • Cakeage - The fee charged by a restaurant for serving a cake brought in from outside. It’s modeled after corkage, the term for the fee charged to bring a bottle of wine to a restaurant.
  • Digital nomad - Someone who works remotely while traveling, especially one who has no fixed, permanent address.
  • Fan service - Material added to a work of fiction to appeal to its fans.
  • Nearlywed - Based on newlywed - someone who recently married - this is a person who lives with someone in a life partnership with a person, possibly engaged with no wedding planned, possibly with no plans to ever marry.
  • Petfluencer - A person who gets a large Internet following by posting photos of their pet or a pet who has achieved Internet fame.
  • Trauma dumping - Unsolicited, one-sided sharing about a traumatic or intensely negative experiences or emotions in an inappropriate setting or with those who aren’t prepared for it.

You can see more of the newly-added words HERE!

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