'Rat Snacks' Are The New TikTok Food Trend

Do you have a weird snack combo that you swear by? Turns out you're not alone because after a year of butter boards, "rat snacks" are the new food trend for the year!

Unfortunately, snacks made for rats aren't actually going viral, but people's weird food combinations that they make at home are being dubbed "rat snacks" and have gone viral on TikTok the past few weeks.

"Rat snacks" like "chip soup" and "apple pie toast" have gone viral and many are claiming they are just using some of the things in their house they would never eat to turn them into a snack they would at least attempt to eat. Plus they're also saving money by making something at home instead of buying groceries or going out.

You can see some of the videos that have gone MEGA-viral below, but what is your "rat snack?" You never know when you'll be craving something weird!

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