You Can Now Buy A Candle That Smells Like 'Pasta Water'

You can never go wrong with a candle scent because at the end of the day you can just burn through a candle you don't like and replace it with a different scent, but this might be one scent that you may either love or hate: pasta water-scented candles!

D.S. & DURGA has upped the ante on weird scented candles with their Pasta Water candle that they made in collaboration with a New York City Italian restaurant called Jupiter.

The scent is similar to what you would normally smell during a quick hover over a pot of boiling pasta and comes with notes of "saline water and semolina wheat."

Now you may be wondering how much this will set you back and you'll have to spend more on a candle that smells like pasta instead of actual pasta because the candle retails for $70.

You can learn more about the candle and buy your own HERE, but it might be worth boiling some pasta first just so you know what smell is going to linger around your house!

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