The Top Five Things Singles Should Mention On A Dating Profile

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Trying to increase your chances of finding a date in 2023? You might want to add these words to your profile based on who you're trying to match with!

A team of relationship experts looked at over 15,000 Tinder profiles from both men and women and found out that having these five words in your profile can greatly increase your chances of finding love or your next date.

Here are the words they recommend MEN should mention in their dating profile:

  1. Non-smoker - Non-smoker takes the top spot for the most frequently mentioned word in a woman's dating profile. This data suggests that smoking habits are a large part of what women look for in a partner.
  2. Travel - Of the dating profiles analyzed, 30% of women's profiles listed travelling in their bio. 
  3. Dog - To 33% of women, dogs are very significant so make it clear that you're a dog lover.
  4. Wine - 14% of women mention wine in their dating profile bios so adding a love of wine to your dating profile may secure more matches.
  5. Coffee - Coffee may be the way to a woman's heart, as 15% of women in the study mentioned coffee in their bio. 

Here are the they recommend WOMEN should mention in their dating profile:

  1. Beer - Beer is featured in 16% of men's dating profiles according to the report.
  2. Sports - 10% of men's profiles mention their love of sports. Women looking for a sporty guy might want to consider including the word 'sports' in their bio to catch the eye of more single bachelors. 
  3. Pubs/Bars - Visiting pubs or bars is a popular pastime for many single men, as 10% of their dating profiles mention the word. 
  4. Gym rat - 17% of men describe themselves in this way on their dating profile so you may want to mention your love for working out.
  5. Carnivore - 11% t of men described themselves in this way so you may want to set intentions mentioning if you eat meat or not.

Obviously your mileage may vary, but it never hurts to try adding these words to your dating profile and see what happens!

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