Foods You May Want To Avoid On Valentine's Day

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Trying to keep the romance alive this Valentine’s Day? You might want to pay attention to what you eat and drink today!

According to a foods etiquette expert you can actually set the mood as much as you want with music, candles, and candy, but if you have bad breath then you might have instantly killed the mood.

Here are some of the foods you want to avoid on Valentine's Day if you're hoping for romance after dinner:

  • Don’t cook or order anything heavy on garlic or onions - Steer clear of garlic, onions, horseradish and canned fish because they'll instantly smell your breath.
  • Coffee and tea - Both can leave you with dry mouth and dreaded coffee breath.
  • Asparagus - Asparagus can make your urine smell really stinky and that smell can linger.
  • Oysters - The problem with this well-known aphrodisiac isn’t breath-related, but the fact that it could give the wrong impression, especially if it’s a first date.
  • Beans, cabbage and spicy foods - They can leave you gassy, which is definitely not romantic.

If you happen to order any of the above food just know that dark chocolate, cherries, ginger, and most raw fruits and veggies can help fight bad breath too! You can read more from her tips HERE!

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