Roku And DoorDash Made It Easier To Order Food Through Your TV

We all have those moments where we're in the middle of binge-watching a show and realize we still have to cook dinner, but you don't have to worry about that anymore thanks to Roku and DoorDash's new collab!

Both brands are teaming up to help you order food through your TV without having to go to the kitchen and search for something easy to make so you can get back to your show.

The streaming service and food delivery serivce are partnering up for "shoppable ads" that will let you place an order from your TV screen while watching a show and all you have to do is scan a QR code to pull up the food on your phone.

Wendy's is the first fast food chain to participate in the ads and the even better part is that Roku is giving everyone six months of access to DashPass so you don't have to pay for any delivery fees.

You can learn more about the ads below, but we're so down for this!

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