This Life Hack Can Save You Time Trying To Hang Things On Your Wall

decorating and placing a photo frame on the wall of the house during the move

Photo: Getty Images

Trying to make your place a home by hanging up your favorite photos and other wall decorations? This viral life hack might save you some time!

The wall hanging hack was posted on Reddit earlier this week and shows someone putting a piece of tape onto the back of a frame, mark the two holes needed to hang the photo with a screwdriver and then stick said tape onto the wall, giving them a guide for where to put the nails.

Before hanging the picture, they simply remove the tape, leaving the nails in place on the wall and we're kind of here for it, especially if you pair it with a laser level to make your frame even with the wall.

You can see the hack below, but we're definitely trying this out the next time we want a new piece to add to our wall collection of photos and decorations!

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