This Company Wants To Help You 'Flush Your Ex' For Valentine's Day

Hand throwing out toilet sheet in bowl

Photo: Getty Images

No matter if you're single or trying to get back into the dating game for Valentine's Day it's always a good thing to remove your ex from your train of thought and this company wants to help you out!

Toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap wants to help you forget your ex and enjoy Valentine's Day properly by turning all your paper-based memories from your ex into toilet paper.

The company will take love letters, cards, and notes from your ex and then turn it into usable toilet paper that you can actually use or symbolically throw down the toilet! It might be the first time you're actually okay with wasting toilet paper.

As of right now the company will go live with its "ex recycling" on February 8th and there's no price for the product, but something tells us it might be worth the price to get back at your ex while sitting on the toilet!

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