The Most Mispronounced Foods According To Google

Greek gyros wraped in a pita bread on a wooden background

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We all have that one word we have a hard time saying no matter where we are, but it turns out we also all have a hard time saying popular foods!

The Writing Tips Institute created a list of the most commonly Googled food pronunciations and it turns out we all have a hard time saying "Acai" whether we have it in our smoothies or in our go-to bowls.

Here are the other common food pronunciations that are Googled:

  • “Acai” - Many mistakenly call it “ah-kai,” but it’s actually said “ah-sigh-EE.”
  • Gyro” - According to Merriam-Webster, this Greek specialty should be pronounced either “zhir-o,” or “yee-ro.”
  • Charcuterie” - Merriam-Webster tells us that the right way to say it is “shar-koo-te-ree,” in case you didn’t know.
  • Gnocchi” - Merriam-Webster say is pronounced “nyo-kee.”
  • Worcestershire” - According to the experts at Merriam-Webster, both acceptable pronunciations only contain three syllables: “wuh-stah-sheer” and “wu-stah-shah.”

You can see the other non-food pronunciations HERE, but hopefully this helps you when ordering your go-to foods this week!

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