The Most Popular Wedding Date For 2023 Is In September

Wedding couple lovingly look at each other during  ceremony

Photo: Getty Images

Normally when you get engaged and start to plan your wedding you usually decide on what date you want to have your wedding and it turns out a TON of people are getting married on this specific date in September for 2023!

According to The Knot, September 23rd, 2023 is already one of the more popular wedding dates for this year not only because it falls on a Saturday and is near the end of peak wedding season, but because of numerology.

Apparently the double "23" on the wedding date makes it appealing to couples trying to have an easy anniversary, but also because according to numerology the numbers "celebrate life and laughter" including the "9" in that wedding date.

Also you can't really beat September weather in this area because you know it won't be extremely hot, but you won't need to bring your parka to keep warm in the DMV!

You can read more about the specific date HERE, but you might want to go ahead and clear September 23rd from your calendar because you'll most likely be invited to a wedding on that day!

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