The Most Popular Valentine's Day Candies In The DMV

Valentine hearts background

Photo: Getty Images

Candy might not be the most expensive way to show your love for you boo on Valentine's Day, but it never hurts to give to someone as a gift and it turns out chocolate might be the best candy to give in the DMV this year! released their annual list of the favorite Valentine’s Candy by state according to online candy sales and while conversation hearts (sweethearts) still dominate Valentine's Day candies, M&Ms are somehow on the rise

Also there's something called "cupid corn" that seems to be popular in Michigan and Nebraska which is a pink and red version of candy corn! Here are the top candies to give your boo throughout the DMV and our neighboring states:

  • Virginia - Conversation Hearts
  • Maryland - M&Ms
  • DC - Heart-Shaped Box Of Chocolates
  • West Virginia - Conversation Hearts
  • Pennsylvania - Hershey's Kisses

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