New Survey Says Gen-Z Won't Apply To A Job If A Salary Isn't Listed

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Would you apply to a job if the job posting didn't include a salary range for the position? A new survey claims a majority of Gen-Z actually wouldn't if there wasn't any mention of pay!

According to Adobe's Future Workforce Study, 85% of recent graduates said they were "less likely to apply for a job if the company does not disclose the salary range in the job posting" and it's because of a desire for open transparency.

At the same time, this also saves you time from applying to a job that seems great on paper, but actually pays you bad which you wouldn't find out until it has been weeks into the interview process.

You can read more from the survey HERE, but you may want to use this to your advantage to either apply to jobs that you know Gen-Z wouldn't apply to or to save time in the interview process for a job that's not worth your time!

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