Doctors Say Cracking Your Knuckles Actually Isn't That Bad For You

Woman Cracking Their Knuckles

Photo: Getty Images

How many of you are cracking your knuckles right now while reading this? Turns out a TON of people do and it's actually not as bad for you as commonly believed!

According to Dr. Faran, who goes by @madmedicine on TikTok, the practice actually doesn't lead to arthritis as man believed, but actually helps you pop the "bubbles" in your joints that are caused by the liquid in your joints to make them move.

Faran also based his viral video on a study by Dr. David Onger that found there were no changes in a hand that cracked its knuckles for years compared to one that didn't. He also went on to say that our knuckles make that sound because of negative pressure within our joint causes the popping noise.

You can see his video to learn more, but I think we all know what we're doing after reading this final sentence!

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