'Quiet Hiring' Is The New Workplace Trend For 2023

Frustrated female computer programmer with head in hands sitting in creative office

Photo: Getty Images

'Quiet Quitting" might have gone viral last year for when people stay in their jobs, but mentally take a step back, but get ready for this new workplace trend to take over your job: "quiet hiring!"

The term refers to a way to obtain new talent without hiring new employees and essentially it means giving current employees more work or moving employees to different departments to cover open job positions.

Sometimes this can occur as a temporary fix for when there aren't enough applicants to fill a job, but at other times it can be a permanent solution that has you doing the workload of two people without compensation for it.

While "quiet hiring" sounds like it is anxiety-filled, it can actually work in your favor if you're able to negotiate a pay increase or one-time bonus with the extra roles. If you're also tired of your current job it could also lead to an opportunity to enjoy your job again.

You can read more about the trend HERE, but just get ready for this to happen at your job at some point this year!

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