You Pet Could Earn $10,000 As PetSmart's 'Chief Toy Tester'

Play Time

Photo: Getty Images

Does your pet love ALL toys no matter how big or small? Turns out they can actually get paid for their love of all thing squeaky!

PetSmart is currently looking for one dog and one cat to become their new "Chief Toy Testers" for all of their stores and will give each pet (and their owner) $10,000 for a year of testing different toys and treats.

Essentially your pet will become one of PetSmart's new brand ambassadors on social media and they'll get to participate in product unboxing videos once per quarter and appear at PetSmart events as a VIP (Very Important Pet).

Your pet also gets quarterly salon treatments at your local PetSmart and all you really need to do is take social media videos of your pet, which let's face it, we all do anyway!

You can apply and find more information HERE where you'll need to submit a 30-second video of your pet showing off their personality! We know what we're doing later today!

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