The Worst Foods To Order On A First Date According To Dating Experts

Nothing inspires romance quite like Italian food

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First dates are already high-anxiety as it is, but if your date includes dinner, then you might want to steer away from these foods that dating experts say might not be the best for a first date!

A panel of dating experts came together to reveal the foods that are either too messy, too complicated, or hard to eat in front of a first date and you might want to play it safe by avoiding these foods:

  • Buffalo wings - Ribs fall into the same category because for the most part they are a saucy disaster and if you're the only one eating them then you might be more focused on eating your wings than talking to your date.
  • Garlic Anything - It’s best to save all the garlic until the second date where you know where you stand on a first kiss or not!
  • The Kids Menu - Aka plain cheeseburgers and chicken tenders at a fancy restaurant! Sure, they can be good comfort food, but they’re basic and if you’re trying to project an image, consider what that meal says about you.
  • Extra Spicy Foods - Even if your stomach can handle these extreme levels of spice, can your eyes, nose and forehead? Consider it from your date’s point-of-view...
  • Romantically-Themed Entrees - Sharing an appetizer is one thing, but if you order the Honeymoon Steak and Shrimp Special or the Love Boat entree for two before you’ve exchanged more than a dozen sentences with this person, you may be crossing into cringeworthy territory.

You can read more on each food and what foods they say are great for a first date HERE, but maybe just avoid anything that could cause a mess during the meal!

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