You Can Get Paid $1,000 To Eat Cheese Right Before Bed

closeup on young woman eating camembert

Photo: Getty Images

This might be the perfect and literal dream job if you're not lactose-intolerant because a company wants to pay you to eat cheese and sleep!

The company is called Sleep Junkie and is trying to learn about what happens when people eat cheese right before bed and they are paying a lucky few individuals $1,000 to help them out.

If selected, you would get to sample a variety of cheeses before going to sleep every night for three months in a row. You would also have to record your sleep quality, dreams, and anything else that may have happened because of the cheese.

You can learn more about the position HERE, but the only real requirement for the job is that you are at least 21 years and love cheese which isn't too hard for us! Applications are due February 10th so get to applying!

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